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A Word of Encouragement for My Sisters

“ You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” - C.S Lewis

2022. Another year around the sun, another year full of new adventures and beginnings, and another year to achieve goals and resolutions. Yet, why is this time of fear accompanied by feelings of overwhelm and intimidating expectations? Social media platforms boast lofty ideas for January goals and offer direction as to how we should set our personal objectives to better ourselves. We can quickly get caught up in what others are doing and assume this is the right course of action for our own personal experience. Ultimately this can cause a sense of stress and pressure because we set out to tackle an unreasonable feat. Finding inspiration in others can be extremely helpful and motivating, as long as we make sure to assess what is realistic and will lead to personal happiness within the scope of our personal lives. Let's take what we have learned in 2021 and grasp this fresh start to grow and become our best selves in 2022!

Out with the old and in with the new….academic semester! School is stressful; our days get filled and our to-do lists grow. Whether it’s the nerve-racking presentation, papers, test, ect., there is always a mental pressure to tackle. All of it accumulates and can cause overwhelming stress. Sometimes we allow our fight or flight response to take over and unproductive actions like binging Netflix with a tub of ice cream and a large spoon in hand seems like the best alternative. We all know that in the end, this will only make things worse. Instead of allowing the stress to build, take a moment to get organized and allow yourself time to take a step back and implement some necessary self-care. Maybe it is a walk around the Battery listening to your favorite podcast, finally getting that Pinterest nail design you have wanted, baking a yummy sweet treat, going to grab your favorite food or coffee with a sister, or taking a trip to Folly Beach or Sullivan’s Island to clear your mind. In the midst of weekly busyness, we need to remember to do something -good- for ourselves. Don’t let a challenging class or a stressful experience ruin the rest of your week. Yes, easier said than done, but I know you can do it! Before you start achieving those new year goals, you must pour into yourself.

My advice: have a little faith. Faith is remaining hopeful and trusting that our path will lead to happiness and success. Luckily, every new experience (the good and the bad) provides an opportunity for growth, and we have a support system of 140 women to lean on. We have the opportunity to grow from every new experience we encounter (the good and the bad). Aren’t we lucky to have one another?! Let's allow ourselves to be supported and challenged by every single one of our sisters so that we can continue to be our best selves. One month into the new year and look how far you have come! Look back and appreciate the little things you have accomplished! You are amazing and will continue to grow and accomplish your goals and dreams. Each and every one of your sisters love you beyond words and is always here for you. <3

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