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  • Ariel Allison

Grace Collins - Out West

Follow along as Sister Grace Collins takes us along on her summer trip out West!

"In May, my best friend and I decided to pack up the car and take a hiking and camping trip out West for 2 weeks. Here are some of the awesome things we saw! Our first stop was Big Bend National Park in Texas. We did 2 hikes here: one where we hiked up the mountain, and another where we were in the valley and we got to see the Rio Grande and Mexico!"

"Our next stop was Carlsbad Caverns National Park in Carlsbad, New Mexico. This National Park is a cave and it took us around 45 minutes to walk to the bottom! We were so far down that the temperature dropped to the 50°s. Fun fact: the lights in the cave are lights placed in there, not from sunlight!"

"The next place we stopped was my absolute favorite- White Sands National Park in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The dunes were extremely tall and very easy to get lost in! We accidentally locked the keys in the car here, so we got to stay a little longer than planned (but we soaked in every second of it!) The pictures don’t do this place justice. I cannot say enough good things about it- it’s breathtaking!"

"Our fourth destination was Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona. We went later in the day because of the extreme heat and got to see extremely tall cactuses!"

"The fifth and sixth places we went were Sedona, Arizona and Flagstaff, Arizona. In Sedona, we saw the Red Rocks and went on the Devil’s Bridge Hike. This is an extremely popular hike that people normally wait up to an hour to get pictures of. We got lucky and only had a few people at the top with us! We found a fun little hike to do while we were in Flagstaff as well."

"Next was the Grand Canyon!! We were here for 3 days and had so much fun! The hikes here were a little more tough, but we took lots of breaks! The views from our hikes were absolutely beautiful as we hiked down, and we got to see the Grand Canyon more in depth versus just staying at the very top."

"Our final stop before driving into Colorado was Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. This place looked like Mars! We were able to hike and see some of the arches in the park. We also went back at night to stargaze since the sky gets so dark here. The Milky Way was so visible!"

"Being able to go on this trip with my best friends was definitely one of the most fun times I’ve ever had in my life. It was so much fun to be in nature for so long and see so much of our own country’s beauty. I think about this trip everyday and can’t wait to travel again soon!"

We hope our sisters all have safe and fun summer travels and we cannot wait to all be back together soon!

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