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Recruitment is just around the corner! As our chapter is preparing to hold recruitment on our side, we wanted to share some tips and advice to help PNM’s stay true to themselves and have the best, most comfortable recruitment process possible!

  1. For each round, start your day with a nice nutritious breakfast that will give you the energy you need throughout the day!

  2. TALK TO YOUR PI CHIS! Your Pi Chi’s are there to help you and be an unbiased outlet for you to discuss where your heart is and express how you're feeling. They only want the best for you and for you to end up where you truly belong and will be happiest.

  3. Make time to do what you value as important throughout the week. Whether that means going on a morning run or catching the sunset at the beach, don’t lose yourself in the process. Find time to relax and do something that you love!

4. Keep an open mind. Go into the week anticipating joining any sorority and absolutely loving it! College of Charleston Panhellenic consists of ten chapters that anyone would be lucky to be a part of.

5. Don’t be afraid to express your own, unique style throughout the week! Your Pi Chi’s will help to guide and advise you how formal and informal each round is, but other than that, feel encouraged to let your personality shine through your outfits!

6. Avoid discussing how you’re feeling about each chapter with the rest of your Pi Chi group. Each girl is different, and a chapter you may not feel a connection with may be a chapter another girl loves. It’s important for each girl to make decisions based on how they’re feeling and not off of others!Stay true to yourself in your conversations. Each chapter wants to get to know and love you for who you are.

7. Stay true to yourself in your conversations. Each chapter wants to get to know and love you for who you are.

8. Charleston weather can be unpredictable and harsh. Check the weather nightly and in the morning to make sure you are prepared with whatever you may need to be comfortable and ready to go!

9. Keep a journal or notes to help you recount your experience with each chapter. You will be visiting and talking to many chapters and it is easy to get confused if you don’t keep track. Your notes will be excellent to look back on and reflect throughout the week!

10. GET PUMPED! Recruitment is a wonderful process and each chapter is there for YOU! So much time and effort is put into recruitment so that PNM’s can have the best possible experience. So---It’s time to get excited!

We cannot wait to meet you all and have you join our Panhellenic Community!

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