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Kendall Costanzo

Major: Economics, Finance - Minor: International studies

Year: Junior

What Executive Board position do you hold and what does it entail: I was just elected and now have the opportunity to serve as President! I’m still learning every day, but I’m thankful to have learned so much from this past year's Executive Board and I am so excited to continue working with my Executive Board throughout the year!

What are you looking most forward to in this position: I am really looking forward to getting to know every member in our chapter and work closely with my team! I love being a member of ADPi and I really plan to take this year to dive into my own membership, friendships I’ve made, spend time with my amazing littles (love you so much Maggie and Emma), and really take advantage of every opportunity to appreciate the sisterhood we have in our chapter.

What is your favorite adpi memory: It’s too hard to pick one memory, I love every event and opportunity I have gotten to experience, but what has made all of those memories so important are all of the friends I have made the past 2.5 years!!!

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