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Rachel Spitzmiller

What year did you graduate? 2020 – My family held a virtual graduation for my cousin and me since we were unable to celebrate in person! We had a keynote speaker (my uncle) and sang our alma mater! It was not how I expected to spend my graduation day, but it was so special and I’ll never forget it!

What positions did you hold? Recruitment & Marketing VP 2018, President 2019

What was the most rewarding part of being in ADPi at College of Charleston? I was able to represent our chapter at a number of leadership conferences and made some amazing friends and professional connections from all over the country! I still chat regularly with sisters I met from other chapters and know that I have a strong alumnae network that will support me throughout my career and personal life.

Where are you at in life now? I am pursuing my Masters of Public Administration from College of Charleston! I also work part time as the Accounting Assistant for Spoleto Festival USA and as the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Budgeting and Payroll Services for the College.

What is one piece of advice you would give to current members? If you are able to live in the house, DO IT! Not only did I live with some of my best friends, but they were such a great support system for me during that year! It’s basically built in people to hang out with 24/7! Plus it’s always so fun to see sisters throughout the day. Someone might come by to pick up a T-shirt and then you’ll end up going to the library with them and hanging out for hours!

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