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Ronald McDonald House

Our Chapter works hard every year to raise money for our Philanthropy, The Ronald McDonald House.

This Fall Semester has been unprecedented and created tough ways to get involved. But, when challenges arise we get creative! Ashton Anzueto is one of our sisters who interns at the Ronald McDonald house and works tirelessly to help get us involved.

On October 17th sisters were able to shop at Vestique, a local boutique, and 15% of the net sales were donated towards RMH. On this day alone Zeta Sigma Chapter was able to raise $1,600 worth of donations!!!

Not only is our chapter able to raise donations for monetary support, but we also offer our time to anything the Ronald McDonald House may need help with.

On November 4th, sisters were given the opportunity to help decorate our local Ronald McDonald house for Christmas. This is a task that would normally take their staff a few days, yet with our help we were able to speed the process and get the Holiday Cheer started!

If you are in Charleston take the opportunity to drive by the Ronald McDonald house and see the beautiful decorations that our chapter was able to help with.

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