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As the school year nears, and recruitment and move-in is among us, our sisters wanted to share some of our favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes to grab something to eat or drink around Charleston!

Here's some of the places our sisters recommended:

  1. Caviar and Bananas

  • Caviar and Bananas is a campus favorite. Whether you want to grab a quick latte with friends before class, meet for a lunch study session, or enjoy an amazing pastry to-go, Caviar is a must!

2. O-KU

  • If you love sushi, O-KU is the place for you! The variety of sushi rolls is endless and it’s always a great spot to grab dinner with friends!

3. Charleston Crab House

  • When your family is in town and wants some really good, local seafood, Charleston Crab House is a great option! Your tummies will thank you later.

4. Saltwater Cowboys

  • Although it’s not located downtown, Saltwater Cowboys is a favorite of many CofC students. From the beautiful scenery, amazing food, and great place to gather with friends, it is a must experience.

5. The Daily

  • If you want to feel full and refreshed, The Daily is a great option! The Daily is partnered with local farmers and ranchers to give you the best quality of food and experience as possible!

6. Taco Boy

  • Taco Boy is another CofC student favorite. They have two locations, one downtown and one by Folly Beach. Regardless of the location you go to, the food is amazing!

7. Basic Kitchen

  • Located right on campus, Basic Kitchen is an excellent spot to grab brunch with the girls. If you’re looking for some of the best avocado toast you will ever eat, this is the place to go!

8. The Watch Rooftop

  • Not only do you get to enjoy a good meal here, but you get to enjoy some of the best views of Downtown Charleston right from your table!

9. Fleet Landing

  • Fleet Landing offers waterfront dining and a menu full of excellent lowcountry meals. If you’re new to South Carolina, give Fleet Landing a chance!

10. 5 Church

  • 5 Church is a restaurant all CofC students should go to at least once. The instagrammable experience and exquisite dining is something special.

We hope you try out our recommendations and enjoy!

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